Sunday, December 30, 2007

Freedom Of Speech vs Respect !

Of course, respect is something that should be valued. But I believe that Freedom Of Speech outshines Respect by a 100 order of magnitudes.

If you are a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobe fuck face. Then I want to know that you assholes exists. And I want you to tell me right up my fucking face. Post your shit on YouTube or where ever, let the world know what you think ! Or better yet, post your hateful, caveman thoughts right here in the comments of this blog... No where on any of my blogs will comments be moderated in any kind of way and it's open to every one to insult or compliment me.

For example :

I think that if you believe in ghosts, astrology, God, numerology, taro, dowsing, Mary fucking Poppins etc... Then you are fucking delusional and I don't fucking respect what you believe in and I'll tell you right up front if we are discussing it. I won't fake to respect what you believe in. So don't you come crying your ass off that I am so disrespectful about what other people think if we are having a conversation about it.

If I don't respect you or if you don't respect me, I will not see it as an obstacle and I will continue to talk to you. At least... we will know that we both exist.

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