Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why I like Scientology

The Church Of Scientology is all about PR and self image. With fancy and luxurious facilities like the Celebrity Center, this organization is run like a multinational and it's protected like one to. With aggressive law suits against people who dare to show them in a bad light and strict codes that they never fail to apply when they have the faintest shadow of a doubt that someone might be a potential enemy or a suppressive person like they call them.

Be very careful about what you say when it comes to these fucking delusional maniacs, because they will not hesitate to harass you if you dare say that they are brainwashed space monkeys that believe in bad science fiction written by a bad pulp fiction author. Freedom of speech is not one of their concerns. Well actually, yes it is, but only if it serves their interests. They don't give a rat's ass about your freedom of speech.

What I really love about these ass holes is the vocabulary they use. They have a whole dictionary of jargon that really just sounds good. They also have very cool sounding satellite organizations like : The Sea Org, Narconon, Oxford Capacity Analysis, Church of Spiritual Technology, Psychiatry: An Industry of Death and so on... All of this clever talk make it impossible for laymen to understand them : These wogs are squirling the techs, let's fair game them !

What is also very charming about these vomit bags is the way in which they manage to fool you and make you adhere into their belief system. Like a good fuck, they start you slowly but firmly and then finishes you off with scratches every where and a bruised up ass.

At first, you pass their free personality test. Which is exactly the same thing as these cheap tests that you can also find for free everywhere over the internet. After filling your profile with all the info they acquired from the test they ship you into auditing. At first auditing is nothing more than a cheesy ass therapy that makes you feel good when you go through it simply because you've talked about personal things that you just don't usually talk about. So when they got you really hooked up in thinking "Wow this shit works" and after sucking plentifully on your wallet, they let pour down on you the biggest avalanche of bullshit ever imagined. You learn about Xenu and then you are fucked. You start jumping on Oprah's couch and publicly state that you believe that psychiatry is the number one source of Evil in this universe.

Their techniques are very elaborated and very well executed... You can only admire these pathetic fucks.


Anonymous said...
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Shallow Mind said...

Your enemy!

Anonymous said...

you deleted my comment.are you scared? hahaha

Shallow Mind said...

Nah ! I did that just to piss you off. Anonymous moron !

Anonymous said...

you say im ananymous but i dont see your name on your blog.not even a picture of you. you are hiding behind your computer. you are in no position to judge. what are you hiding? you are nothing but a sexual pervert that knows nothing.

Shallow Mind said...


Yes I am a sexual pervert !

So what ?

And you are right, I don't know anything. And I shouldn't judge low life, fucking brainwashed space monkeys like you... That's not very nice of me.

Go ahead, fair game my ass.

Anonymous said...

what you just said proves that you dont know anyting.and you continue to hide.i will not waist my time with you.insults are the weapons of the are weak.

Shallow Mind said...

So calling me a sexual pervert is not an insult ?

Yeah !


Shallow Mind said...

My name is Alice Lavergne by the way !