Monday, December 31, 2007

Why I Love Raël

Out of every cults that thrives on the surface of this planet, Raël is the one that I like the most. Unlike the Church Of Scientology, Raël is a gutsy out-of-the-closet charlatan that is not afraid to appear in public in his 70's sci-fi suit and preach his non-sense in front of a crowd of non-believers. Is goal is to show himself off to his followers, he's usually willing to do interviews and appear in popular tv talk shows as long as every body refers to him as His Holiness. How can you not love that guy ? And how can't you admire his "rationalist" speech on The Blasphemy Challenge ?

He is clever, articulated, he has a friendly face that you just want to kiss and seems to really be a genuine and polite gentle man.

Unlike Scientologists, Raëlians are not seduced by some complicated and well elaborated scam. Sex is what drives this cult. Sexy chicks that shakes their tits in the back of luxurious sports cars is all is required to brainwash people into this cult. The oldest trick in religious/cults book is Love Bombing, and this is their main technique of seduction. Add a bit of "Sex Bombing" and we're up for a very good show.

Something that is very cool about Raël is the Elohim Embassy that they want to establish in the war thorned and unrealistic location of Jerusalem. Raël knows that he will never be able to pull it off and he is very happy about that.

To be continued...

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