Sunday, January 6, 2008

Me ! A feminist ? No way !

Alright girls ! What the fuck's up with that ?

- Oh ! I'm happy that I can vote, think for myself, have a job that pays me properly and live my life like I want to but no... I'm no feminist because they all are angry and hysterical lesbians !

But you sure are happy that feminist did the job for you, are you not ?

I must admit that coming out of an angry and hysterical lesbian like me, the credibility of this post will be diminished but I don't give a fuck ! Be proud and stop thinking of feminism in this stupid, idiotic and bogus way.

Feminism is about being strong, powerful and free, not about being hysterical men haters. So let's reclaim this title for what it really is and let's stop associate it with angry dykes.

"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." -- Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler

You say religion is hateful, but it is you that hates religion !

I get that a lot from religious folks. I can't argue with that ! Yes I do hate religion. I don't hate every religious persons, although some I truly despise. But over all, they are good and honest people that I respect. It is their faith that I don't respect.

Some people often tells me : How can you take religion away from good, honest, well minded people ? If it helps them becoming better persons, why take that away from them ?

First of all, I can't take religion away from them since they believe in it all so much. I'm just a nobody that is way to impulsive, arrogant and undiplomatic to convince them that they are delusional and that they could find the same overwhelming feeling of being "special" without delusional beliefs.

When I think about the universe, for example, the simple fact that it exists sometime brings tears to my eyes and this feeling is something that a lot of religious people have experienced. I just don't need to believe in magic, angels, demons, God, fairies and superheroes to find this world absolutely wonderful and worthy of living and dying for. As the late Douglas Adam puts it very well : Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too ?

But why do I still tell people that religion is a load of bullshit if it makes them feel better ? Simply because I don't care that it makes them feel better. If you were to tell me that you hear voices in your head and that these voices really makes you feel very good, I will not hesitate to tell you that you are delusional and should get yourself checked, because someday these voices could tell you some pretty heavy shit that will make you do things that you would not have done otherwise.

I see religion exactly in the same way. Believing in things for no reasons i.e. faith, can make you do things that you would not have done without it. The World Trade Center is an extreme and fresh example of that.

Something I really hate that religious people say all the time is that without faith, morality cannot exist. This is one of the biggest load of crap I have ever eared ! Let's stay with the 9/11 attacks and let me quote what Steven Weinberg said about it in the BBC program, "The Atheism Tape". He was saying that although the terrorists did what they did for pure religious reasons, George Bush said that these terrorists have hijacked a great religion because what they did didn't fit his idea of what a religion is. So M. Weinberg said : You see, what is really going on here is that these people, instead of using their religion to say what is moral (like they claim they do), they are using their moral sense to decide what is religious. If that's the case then what's the point of the religion ?

So, in my view, religion as hijacked morality and as brainwashed people into believe that it can only come from them. Morality is a human attribute, not a divine one and if you think otherwise, you have been fooled !

I dream of the day when religion, along with every other faith based ideas , will be dead, long gone and all of what is left of it is the poetry, the music, and the wonderful architectures. I hope that someday we will be able to live our lives like we want to without some people telling us what is moral and what is not just because of what is written in an old, ancient and archaic book. But of course, this is only a dream...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Why I like the Christian Cults

Now that's a Cult ! With a capital "C". I take that back, not just with a capital "C" but with a capital "CULT" : What a CULT !

It as been running for 1000's of years. With beautiful works of art associated with it, magnificent music, splendid poetry, a lot of famous historical figures and millions, if not billions of followers. How is it possible not to take them seriously ? Tremendous amounts of respect is accorded to this religion even by some who do not adhere to it's ideology. If it wasn't for the Roman empire we probably would have never eared of this middle eastern sect.

What I really love about this cult is the way in which they've managed to fool their followers in making them feel guilty, vile and decadent. For thousands of years they have hammered into their believers head that they are all dirty since the day they are born and that the only way that they could clean themselves of the sinful and repugnant human nature that inhabits them is to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Love Bombing use to be their main technique of seduction but this movement is now so old and popular that they use the same brainwashing techniques that Santa Claus use : Get them while they are young !

The golden rule, is something that this hateful, misogynistic and homophobic religion preach all the time although it is evident that they do not apply it all that much. Just look at all the persecution perpetrated by Christians between themselves and against other groups throughout history.

Although this varies from a Christian denomination to another, sex is something that is, overall, of grate interest to these people. It is both sinful and degrading if not practiced under certain specific conditions : usually, if it's not for conception it is Evil and disgusting. Sodomy, masturbation and homosexuality are usually considered sinful and immoral acts that should be condemned and all sinners who have practiced these kinds of sexual activities have to repent themselves if they want to access the kingdom of God, this is particularly true for the denominations of the Born Again Christians and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Thanks to Christianity, a whole bunch of people are now sexually fucked up and are ashamed of their sexual preferences or fantasies because they really believe that their God cares about who they have sex with and that they could be cast to hell and be tortured for eternity because their lips were wrapped around the "wrong body part of the wrong person".

All of this brainwashing sets the stage for an anguished and shameful society and I still can feel the weight of this "human nature denying" cult everyday.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

But it's against nature !

Alright... I'm fed up with this fucking, stupid ass, wannabe knock down argument against dykes and fags. Sure, ok, if you insist, even though it's not, let's say that it is against nature to fall in love and have sex with your own gender. So fucking what ?

Here's a list of things that are against nature. So next time you feel the need of embarking onto a fucking crusade against things that are against nature... Pick one of them instead and leave me the fuck alone :

  • Killing a fly is against nature.
  • Drinking milk from a fucking cow is against nature.
  • Antibiotics are, by definition, against nature.
  • Smoking cigarettes or any thing that you can smoke is against nature.
  • Burning up oil like crazy, starving apes is against nature.
  • Pouring poisonous herbicides/insecticides every where is against nature.
  • Eyeglasses are against nature.
  • Every single modes of transportation that are not your legs are against nature.
  • Every thing that you do that decreases the amount of entropy that surrounds you is against nature... So stop cleaning up your fucking house and start living in the shit hole you deserve to be living in !

Monday, December 31, 2007

Why I like Ramtha

Ramtha's School Of Enlightenment is not a very well known cult among the popular culture, but I still think that it's a very interesting one. The lead figure of this religion is a lady called Judith Darlene Hampton that renamed herself with a "gansta-rap" sounding nickname : J.Z. Knight. I am very attacked to this women. Even though she is now in her early 60's, she still radiates with this remarkable aura of sensual wisdom.


This lady channels an ancient entity called Ramtha. Exactly as in the block-buster movie, Ghost, she lets the spirit of a dead guy use her body to transmit his message. Ramtha is a 35 000 years old Lemurian Warrior that, of course, knows every single thing there is to know about the fucking universe.

What I like about this cult is its abusive, dishonest and bogus use of scientific jargon to brainwash people into the movement. This cult feeds on the public general misunderstanding or ignorance of certain mysterious aspect of quantum mechanics and neurology, then twists everything up to make it sounds as if they are actually teaching some valid science. The movie What The Bleep Do We Know, produced by members of the cult, is a very good example of that if you want to see for yourself on how these lame fucking morons misuse science to serve their interest. Don't be fooled, that movie is not the documentary it appears to be at first glance, it is nothing more than a very well done and flashy pseudo-scientific infomercial promoting the cult.

Why I Love Raël

Out of every cults that thrives on the surface of this planet, Raël is the one that I like the most. Unlike the Church Of Scientology, Raël is a gutsy out-of-the-closet charlatan that is not afraid to appear in public in his 70's sci-fi suit and preach his non-sense in front of a crowd of non-believers. Is goal is to show himself off to his followers, he's usually willing to do interviews and appear in popular tv talk shows as long as every body refers to him as His Holiness. How can you not love that guy ? And how can't you admire his "rationalist" speech on The Blasphemy Challenge ?

He is clever, articulated, he has a friendly face that you just want to kiss and seems to really be a genuine and polite gentle man.

Unlike Scientologists, Raëlians are not seduced by some complicated and well elaborated scam. Sex is what drives this cult. Sexy chicks that shakes their tits in the back of luxurious sports cars is all is required to brainwash people into this cult. The oldest trick in religious/cults book is Love Bombing, and this is their main technique of seduction. Add a bit of "Sex Bombing" and we're up for a very good show.

Something that is very cool about Raël is the Elohim Embassy that they want to establish in the war thorned and unrealistic location of Jerusalem. Raël knows that he will never be able to pull it off and he is very happy about that.

To be continued...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why I like Scientology

The Church Of Scientology is all about PR and self image. With fancy and luxurious facilities like the Celebrity Center, this organization is run like a multinational and it's protected like one to. With aggressive law suits against people who dare to show them in a bad light and strict codes that they never fail to apply when they have the faintest shadow of a doubt that someone might be a potential enemy or a suppressive person like they call them.

Be very careful about what you say when it comes to these fucking delusional maniacs, because they will not hesitate to harass you if you dare say that they are brainwashed space monkeys that believe in bad science fiction written by a bad pulp fiction author. Freedom of speech is not one of their concerns. Well actually, yes it is, but only if it serves their interests. They don't give a rat's ass about your freedom of speech.

What I really love about these ass holes is the vocabulary they use. They have a whole dictionary of jargon that really just sounds good. They also have very cool sounding satellite organizations like : The Sea Org, Narconon, Oxford Capacity Analysis, Church of Spiritual Technology, Psychiatry: An Industry of Death and so on... All of this clever talk make it impossible for laymen to understand them : These wogs are squirling the techs, let's fair game them !

What is also very charming about these vomit bags is the way in which they manage to fool you and make you adhere into their belief system. Like a good fuck, they start you slowly but firmly and then finishes you off with scratches every where and a bruised up ass.

At first, you pass their free personality test. Which is exactly the same thing as these cheap tests that you can also find for free everywhere over the internet. After filling your profile with all the info they acquired from the test they ship you into auditing. At first auditing is nothing more than a cheesy ass therapy that makes you feel good when you go through it simply because you've talked about personal things that you just don't usually talk about. So when they got you really hooked up in thinking "Wow this shit works" and after sucking plentifully on your wallet, they let pour down on you the biggest avalanche of bullshit ever imagined. You learn about Xenu and then you are fucked. You start jumping on Oprah's couch and publicly state that you believe that psychiatry is the number one source of Evil in this universe.

Their techniques are very elaborated and very well executed... You can only admire these pathetic fucks.