Tuesday, January 1, 2008

But it's against nature !

Alright... I'm fed up with this fucking, stupid ass, wannabe knock down argument against dykes and fags. Sure, ok, if you insist, even though it's not, let's say that it is against nature to fall in love and have sex with your own gender. So fucking what ?

Here's a list of things that are against nature. So next time you feel the need of embarking onto a fucking crusade against things that are against nature... Pick one of them instead and leave me the fuck alone :

  • Killing a fly is against nature.
  • Drinking milk from a fucking cow is against nature.
  • Antibiotics are, by definition, against nature.
  • Smoking cigarettes or any thing that you can smoke is against nature.
  • Burning up oil like crazy, starving apes is against nature.
  • Pouring poisonous herbicides/insecticides every where is against nature.
  • Eyeglasses are against nature.
  • Every single modes of transportation that are not your legs are against nature.
  • Every thing that you do that decreases the amount of entropy that surrounds you is against nature... So stop cleaning up your fucking house and start living in the shit hole you deserve to be living in !

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