Friday, January 4, 2008

Why I like the Christian Cults

Now that's a Cult ! With a capital "C". I take that back, not just with a capital "C" but with a capital "CULT" : What a CULT !

It as been running for 1000's of years. With beautiful works of art associated with it, magnificent music, splendid poetry, a lot of famous historical figures and millions, if not billions of followers. How is it possible not to take them seriously ? Tremendous amounts of respect is accorded to this religion even by some who do not adhere to it's ideology. If it wasn't for the Roman empire we probably would have never eared of this middle eastern sect.

What I really love about this cult is the way in which they've managed to fool their followers in making them feel guilty, vile and decadent. For thousands of years they have hammered into their believers head that they are all dirty since the day they are born and that the only way that they could clean themselves of the sinful and repugnant human nature that inhabits them is to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Love Bombing use to be their main technique of seduction but this movement is now so old and popular that they use the same brainwashing techniques that Santa Claus use : Get them while they are young !

The golden rule, is something that this hateful, misogynistic and homophobic religion preach all the time although it is evident that they do not apply it all that much. Just look at all the persecution perpetrated by Christians between themselves and against other groups throughout history.

Although this varies from a Christian denomination to another, sex is something that is, overall, of grate interest to these people. It is both sinful and degrading if not practiced under certain specific conditions : usually, if it's not for conception it is Evil and disgusting. Sodomy, masturbation and homosexuality are usually considered sinful and immoral acts that should be condemned and all sinners who have practiced these kinds of sexual activities have to repent themselves if they want to access the kingdom of God, this is particularly true for the denominations of the Born Again Christians and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Thanks to Christianity, a whole bunch of people are now sexually fucked up and are ashamed of their sexual preferences or fantasies because they really believe that their God cares about who they have sex with and that they could be cast to hell and be tortured for eternity because their lips were wrapped around the "wrong body part of the wrong person".

All of this brainwashing sets the stage for an anguished and shameful society and I still can feel the weight of this "human nature denying" cult everyday.

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